Simprints & GHS - Biometrics for healthcare delivery in Ghana

Simprint biometric technology integrated with DHIS Tracker in Ghana fro maternal and child health services

Last week, the Simprints team, together with the Ghana Health Service and Millenium Promise Alliance, launched the biometric immunisation project to verify service delivery of routine immunisations within maternal and child health care via the e-tracker in Ghana. As part of the rollout, the GHS has identified and selected an initial 10 health facilities in 2 districts in the Eastern Region for the first phase over the next 9 months. An additional 10 facilities will be included within the phase to demonstrate various modalities of the biometrics technology. The Director-General of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Patrick Kuma-Aboagye, who graced the occasion, said: “I believe that this initiative in the long term will ensure unique patient records created without risk of disease transmission among health workers and patients, provide reliable data on the number of individuals immunised which leads to more precise coverage rates and faster intervention and avoid duplicate records through biometric verification which prevents double dosing and creating important time and cost savings.”

Read more about the launch and opening ceremony.

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